Different gliding elements for various applications:

The gliding element of the TCM module can be changed for different application needs.
Gliding elements with thread diameters from 13mm to 30mm are available:

  • G13: thread diameter 13mm (Art. 250011) to be used with locking device Art. 250013

  • G20: thread diameter 20mm (Art. 250010) to be used with locking device Art. 250013

  • G30: thread diameter 30mm (Art. 250012) to be used with locking device Art. 250014

Spring sets for different applications:

We offer several spring sets with different pressing forces for many cutting applications.

  • S05 = pressing force approx. 5N / 500g (Art. 250020)

  • S10 = pressing force approx. 10N / 1.000g (Art. 250021)

  • S18 = pressing force approx. 18N / 1.800g (Art. 250022)

  • S28 = pressing force approx. 28N / 2.800g (Art. 250023)

The type of the spring set determines the coarse adjustment of the pressing force.
The fine adjustment will be done by a wheel that changes the pre-load of the springs.