Tangential creasing tool TCT-2:

The TCT-2 (tangential creasing tool) is a processing unit for CNC-machines to crease various materials such as cardboard, paperboard, corrugated cardboard and polypropylene. It is a precise quality product made in Germany.

To ensure best quality and highest precision, the development and production of all mechanical and electronic components are made by ECOCAM. Accessories and spare parts are generally available from stock. Since our modules have an open interface, they can easily be combined with systems from different machine manufacturers.


General construction:

  • CNC-made, robust full metal housing and durable precision kinematic with several ball bearings

  • Opto-electronic, contactless detection of the blade´s reference position

  • Attachable to systems from various machine manufacturers due to easy mechanical connection
    with 2 options:

    - 43mm-clamp collar on the bottom of the body
    - M4 threads (6 pcs.) on the backside of the body 43mm-clamp collar
  • One ball bearing absorbs axial forces on the rotating axis;
    Two ball bearings absorb the creasing wheels radial forces

Technical specifications:

  • Supply voltage of control electronics: 6 - 24VDC

  • Outside dimensions: approx. 58 x 86 x 220mm

Creasing wheel runs on ball bearings:

  • The creasing wheels for the TCT-2 module are equipped with double ball bearings so that they are suitable for continuous hard use.

  • Radial and axial forces can be absorbed permanently with very low wear.

Electrical connection:

  • Integrated industrial connectors with crimping contacts for quick and easy connection to different machine systems

  • 2-phase high-torque stepper motor with a full step angle of 0.9 degrees (=400 steps per rev.) for precise positioning and strong holding force

Electronic specifications:

  • The internal electronic system is equipped with a reverse polarity protection and with an optical display for the working status.

  • The module includes an internal voltage regulator and stabilizer.
    It´s possible to supply the internal electronics within a range of 6 - 24VDC.

  • An internal signal amplifier generates a clearly defined digital signal for the reference position of the tangential axis.
    The diagram shows the signal of a turning system captured by an oscilloscope.

Typical materials:

  • The processing unit TCT-2 is designed for creasing various materials.

  • Appropriate creasing wheels are available for the following materials:

    - cardboard of different thickness
    - different corrugated cardboard
    - thin polypropylene material

Various creasing wheels are available for different media types:

  • Cardboard (2pt, 3pt, 4pt)

  • Corrugated cardboard type E / type F (E/F flute)

  • Corrugated cardboard type B (B flute)

  • Corrugated cardboard type C (C flute)

  • Polypropylene material



Overview of creasing wheels with ball bearings for tool holder type KR:


Safe transportation packing

  • A custom-fit transportation packing ensures save delivery and protective storage.


Cutting and creasing mat EC4

  • Intended to be used on vacuum tables

  • Permeable to air

  • Useable on both sides

  • Material thickness: 4mm

  • Roll width: 2000 mm

  • Colour: grey


Cable sockets and crimp contacts for the connection of our modules

Art. 300100 - Cable socket M16, 7-PIN, female,
shieldable metal housing, cable diameter 8 - 10,5mm
  Art. 300200 - Cable socket M16, 8-PIN, female,
shieldable metal housing, cable diameter 8 - 10,5mm
  Art. 300900 - Crimping tool ECOCAM T30, with metal locater + 3 crimp stations (0,14 up to 1,00mm2)
Art. 300300 - Socket contact (crimp) 0,14 - 0,25mm2
(AWG 26-24) - packing unit 10 pcs.
  Art. 300400 - Socket contact (crimp) 0,35 - 0,5mm2
(AWG 22-20) - packing unit 10 pcs.
  Art. 300500 - Socket contact (crimp) 0,75 - 1,00mm2
(AWG 18) - packing unit 10 pcs.